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Extra CareMedical Billing

At CRCM, our team of professionals specializes in the provider credentialing process and remains updated on industry changes, credentialing trends, and payer requirements. As experts, we handle the entire credentialing process, from start to finish, taking on all responsibilities that typically fall on your staff. This enables your team to focus on more pressing tasks.
We monitor completion and collect the necessary documentation, complete the credentialing process, submit applications to payers, and promptly respond to any requests for corrections or additional information from payers. Additionally, at CRCM, we assign a team of experts to track re-credentialing deadlines and initiate and complete the process each time your practice is due for re-credentialing.
Our team collaborates with providers to complete the initial application, fulfill the necessary tasks such as primary source verification and background screening, and coordinate with payers to facilitate timely approval and expedite provider starts.


We can take care of your Credentialing, Enrollment, and Coding, Claims entry, Rejections, Denials, Appeals, Patient calls and more. Customized plan that fits your practice needs. We will advise your staff on how to be more efficient. Consider us extension of your office.

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About Us

Medical Billing

Medical billing is the process which encompasses the submission and following up on Medical claims with the Health insurance companies, to get payment for the Medical services provided by the Healthcare Provider. CRCM has been providing Medical Billing services to the Healthcare Professionals, Clinics and Hospital for over four decades. CRCM serves as a channel between the healthcare provider and insurance company.The Healthcare providers send a bill Itemizing the health services provided to the patient, CRCM checks the Local Coverage Determination criteria for each Diagnosis Code and Procedure code, and send the clean claim to the health insurance company for payment.

Filing claims

We offer comprehensive medical billing services to healthcare practices and facilities, providing efficient and effective billing solutions tailored to meet unique requirements. Our services encompass charge capture, claims submission, payment posting, denial management, and patient billing. We aim to maximize revenue potential and minimize administrative burdens, adhering to all relevant industry regulations and compliance requirements. Partner with us to improve your financial performance and patient satisfaction, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

Denials & Appeals

Our A/R team is dedicated to resolving denied claims promptly and efficiently. They analyze the causes of denials and take corrective actions to ensure successful resubmission of claims. Our specialists are skilled in identifying and addressing coding errors, billing errors, and coverage issues. If an appeal is necessary, we will file it on your behalf and ensure that all necessary documentation is included and submitted within the specified timeline. We work urgently to resolve outstanding balances and minimize the financial burden on your practice. Trust our team to manage your accounts receivable and ensure that your practice receives the payments it deserves.

Client Help Desk

Our Client Help Desk services provide personalized support for medical billing to healthcare practices and facilities. Our dedicated team of professionals is available via phone, email, or live chat to assist with billing-related inquiries such as claim status, denials, payment posting, and patient billing. We stay up to date with industry regulations and compliance requirements to ensure fully compliant billing processes. Let us simplify your billing process and optimize your financial performance while enhancing patient satisfaction. Choose our reliable and efficient Client Help Desk services to focus on providing exceptional patient care.

Payment Posting

Our team is committed to ensuring that ERAs and EOBs are verified and posted promptly and accurately. We prioritize posting remaining balances to patient accounts and follow up on outstanding balances to collect unpaid dues. We verify that each claim receives the appropriate payment from payers and work with them to resolve any discrepancies. We recognize the importance of accurate and timely payment posting to maintain financial stability and patient satisfaction, and we strive to provide reliable and efficient payment posting services.

Patient Billing

After appropriate reimbursement from all payers, if patient balance remains. Easy to read patient friendly, patient statement is generated along with explanation and balance. We will send up to 3 patient statements and reminder phone calls. We can take patient payments over the phone or through web portal, based on you practice needs.

EFT Setup With payers

We offer Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Setup services to healthcare practices and facilities. Our team will work with you to streamline your payment processes and reduce administrative burdens, ensuring timely and accurate payments. We assist with enrollment and work closely with payers to ensure proper setup and ongoing support. Partner with us to optimize your payment processes and focus on providing exceptional patient care.



CRCM covers inclusive list of specialties Globally at least 8 divergent community/ territory at last count .

Why Choose Us

At our medical billing services, we take pride in our highly skilled and committed team of professionals who deliver exceptional support and reliable solutions to healthcare practices and facilities. We use the latest technology and industry expertise to tailor our efficient and effective billing solutions to the unique requirements of your practice while ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards.

Our comprehensive approach to revenue cycle management includes charge capture, claims submission, payment posting, denial management, and patient billing, all handled by our team of experts who are available to assist with any billing-related inquiry. We prioritize accurate and timely billing, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional patient care.

Partner with us to maximize your revenue potential and improve patient satisfaction. Trust us to handle your billing processes and optimize your financial performance.

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